Thai Herbal Heat Bag

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"Thai Natural Herbal Cures"

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After years of detailed study of this Thai traditional herbal product, our dedicated specialists have uncovered methods for utilizing very specific natural herbs to treat and heal a variety of human illnesses. By precisely blending these specific herbs together inside a formed cloth with rounded contours, we were able to create a comfortable wrap that can be applied directly to most areas of the body for treatment of pain, fatigue, illness, injury, etc. Using a local steaming process, which we refer to as an "herbal wrap", bundled herbs are then aromatically released beneath the sub-skin while producing a massaging effect that relieves different stress points where applied.
Though initially effective, our previous version of this product was more inconvenient to use, took longer to prepare, did not provide an extended treatment, and was limited by a short shelf life. With these shortcomings in mind, we went back to the drawing board to develop a better quality, longer lasting perfected enhancement called "Sa-Bai Thai Herbal Wraps", also referred to as "Thai Natural Herbal Cures".
The new version of the Sa-Bai Thai Herbal Wraps can now be prepared inside a microwave oven in minutes while offering an extended herbal shelf life of 30-50 times of high quality treatment endurance. The herbs inside our wraps will maintain their effectiveness without loss of potency over repeated uses. To back up our claims, this product has been certificated as an OTOP standard product under current patent.

Properties of the new "Sa-Bai Thai Herbal Wraps"

The heat and steam from our specially blended herbal wraps can relieve painful, swollen, stiff muscles and joints. It can also stimulate blood circulation, relieve tension and anxiety. This unique product is designed to be suitable for all ages and sizes.


Heat the Thai herbs or "Thai Natural Herbs and Body Wraps", in microwave oven at high temperature between  for 1-2 minutes ( with the heat at 800 W ) before use. Each treatment can last for approximately 20-25 minutes.
To maintain product quality, allow the wrap to cool then store inside an adequately sized plastic bag.
Do not use this product continuously. The interval between each treatment should be a minimal of 30 minutes. Heat inside a microwave oven only. Do not heat using steam.
Herbal Efficiency
1. Grain: minimizes body overheating ,headache and migraine nervous tension, alleviate stress. Excellent brain stimulant, improves memory as an effective natural medicine.
2. Eucalyptus: Combats cold and flu, kills bacteria, aromatic.
3. Lemongrass: Aromatic, effectively treats symptoms of jet lag, enhances mental clarity, relieves fatigue.
4. Star anise: Aromatic, destroys bacteria, cold and flu treatment.
5. Turmeric: Skin support, facilitates relaxation while enhancing stress release.
6. Camphor: Relaxation and stress relief, pain relief.

Reviews :

Once ,some people said about the “Thai Natural Herbs and Body Wraps”

After using for their waist hurt;
1. Feeling relaxing during the wrap heat around their waist.
2. The camphor and other herbs were absorbed into their bodies.
3. Feeling the pain were relieving from time to time..